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    How to use mobile to boost your recruitment

    Nowadays we’re used to getting results almost instantly. Candidates are no different and they expect the same from their job search. A lengthy recruitment process no longer cuts it; people want to conduct their job hunt from anywhere, at any time.

    In fact, according to CV-Library research, 42.4% of professionals will use their mobiles to search and apply for jobs. With this in mind, it’s vital that recruiters are keeping up with the mobile trend.   

    Hiring on the go

    Mobile devices give candidates more freedom when conducting their job search and this enables you to tap into a network of busy professionals. After all, some might not have previously taken time out to actively job hunt, but now they can do so at their own leisure.

    Similarly, recruiting is no longer a desk job. These tools will help you to make more effective and efficient hires. Optimising your website for mobile recruitment means you can be more reactive when a good candidate comes along and snap them up before the competition does – we’ll explain more about this later on! 

    Consider creating an app

    Candidates want efficiency, and one of the ways you can aid them in their job search is by creating a dedicated app. While this may take time and money, it can be extremely useful for those wishing to apply to jobs through mobile.

    If you choose to create a mobile app, you need to consider the features that candidates will expect, to ensure your app is as effective as it can be. For example, it’s likely that they will want to update their profiles easily and upload their CV or cover letter. Candidates also welcome extra features, such as the ability to bookmark jobs and return to these later. 

    Optimise your site for mobile

    Searching and applying for jobs on the move is becoming increasingly common, so, as mentioned earlier, you need to ensure you optimise your website for mobile. Take into account how candidates use your website and ensure that all these features are available on their devices, via a web browser.

    For example, one of the main concerns when applying to a job is going to be the ability to upload a CV. In fact, over half (54.4%) of UK job hunters said not being able to upload their CV was the most frustrating part of job searching on mobile devices. What’s more, over one in four (26.6%) would abandon an application if they couldn’t automatically upload it.

    It is therefore vital that your site has all the important functionality when being viewed on a mobile device.

    Improve the candidate journey

    So you’ve optimised your site for mobile – great! But it doesn’t stop there. You need make sure your user experience is the best it can be. Almost half (46%) of job hunters would abandon an application form if it had too many sections to complete, so you need to keep it simple. You also need to ensure that they are able to upload a CV or cover letter if the application requires them to do so.

    As previously stated, we’re used to seeing results almost instantly these days and you don’t want candidates dropping off because of slow page responses. This can be easily avoided if you test your site regularly, and continue to make updates to ensure the quickest possible loading time.

    When considering the user journey, ask yourself this question ‘can job hunters complete the entire application on their smartphone?’ This will help you to get a better understanding of the areas that are causing candidates to drop off and abandon your applications. Fix these problems and watch your application rates increase!

    In summary

    Overall, you need to ensure your website is optimised for mobile and offers the best possible user experience. Through mobile, you can target busy job hunters as they search and apply on the move. But it’s important to remember, whether on your app or your website, the application process needs to be simple. 

    CV-Library is the UK’s leading independent job board, offering job posting and CV searching. For more expert advice visit their Recruitment Insight pages.