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    We believe that marking the smaller, everyday wins at work is essential as it can inspire employees, increase focus and boost morale and productivity, resulting in a happier workforce. Failure to do so can lead to people feeling undervalued and unmotivated about their role. It also makes it more difficult to track individual and team development, which is vital in helping you work towards your overarching business goals.


    A white paper commissioned by a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work For investigated the top motivators for great employee performance. People were asked: "What is the most important thing that your manager or company currently does that would cause you to produce great work?" Thirty-seven per cent of respondents stated that increased personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work more often.


    And astudy by work analytics firm Gallup revealed that a mere 22 per cent of workers strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that actually motivates them to go on and do better and achieve more.


    Here are our top tips to help your workers stay motivated:


    Think beyond the annual review


    Most companies have a formal annual review framework in place but this can result in long periods of time during which employees go unrecognised for their work. Instead, recognise people for their specific achievements in a timeframe that reflects them, rather than weeks or months afterwards. 


    Ask employees to track their small wins

    Keeping a daily list of accomplishments, or small wins, is a powerful way to boost productivity and motivation. Ask employees to keep a record of the small wins they have made during their day-to-day role or as a result of their training and development. 


    Show your workers that you care


    Consider rewards beyond the financial and bonuses, such as tickets to events, gift cards or small trophies. None of these things need to be a massive investment of time or resources. Handwritten notes, a simple thank you during a group meeting or a post on a company’s social media channels can help to make employees feel valued.


    Help people to see the bigger picture


    Try to demonstrate how your employees small wins align with your business’s core mission, values and strategic plan. Connecting your workers to your long-term goals will help them to feel included and part of the future success of the business.


    At Claremont Consulting, we offer the following staff incentives. We believe that promoting the success of our employees results in an engaged and enthusiastic workforce and, ultimately, a more profitable approach to doing business.


    Two-month team incentives: 

    • The races at Ascot 

    • Go Karting

    • Beer bikes 

    • Comedy club 

    • Bowling night

    • Dinner and drinks 

    • Flight Club and drinks 

    • Activity days 


    Two-month individual incentives:


    • Dinner for two at London’s The Shard

    • Speed boat for two down the River Thames 

    • In the past, a holiday for two to New York has been awarded to the highest biller of the quarter. 

    Smaller incentives: 

    • Darts for cash. When an employee closes a deal, they get the opportunity to throw a dart for cash, aiming to hit the bullseye. The prize pot goes up by £5 every time someone fails to hit the bullseye and then once hit, the base winning rate goes back down to £50. The most someone has won was an impressive £715, meaning it is a great incentive and gets everyone in the office involved. 


    • A slight spin off from this incentive is that for every £100 reached, someone from back office gets to throw a dart for a charity. If the bullseye is hit then Claremont will double the money, half the money is donated to a chosen cause and half is given to back office. As this is a charity throw, the prize pot does not drop back down to £50, it continues to rollover. 

    • The Nordics team has individual weekly targets set within the group where they get a chance to spin the Claremont Wheel of Fortune to win a variety of tempting prizes. They also have a group target and if they hit it they go out for drinks after work.


    • The Accounts team does a monthly credit check which means they have to collect 90 per cent of the ledger that is due from our clients. Once this target is hit, they also have a chance to spin the Claremont Wheel of Fortune.


    • The Major Accounts and Contracts teams have resources targets for hitting a certain number of deals throughout the month. Not only does this mean that they will have a chance to throw Darts for Cash, they will also be treated to either lunch or drinks. They also have the option to save up these rewards to do something bigger at the end of quarter.


    • The floor has done an activity sprint for spot incentives. The floor was split into two and the winners won prizes such as breakfast, a duvet morning, early finishes and lunch.


    • We also do long-standing incentives. We offer a £500 holiday voucher for someone who has been with the company for five years and £1,000 for 10 years service.


    • On our yearly anniversary, employees get the chance to Spin the Claremont Wheel of Fortune. The prizes are £20 cash, a £10 scratchcard, a duvet morning and many more.


    • We also offer a £2,000 referral fee.