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    Recruitment is about so much more than posting on job boards and assessing CVs. It requires a set of skills which, when applied correctly, can forge trusted relationships, connect businesses to top talent and help people to make life-changing decisions for the better.

    Here, we will give you an insight into working life at Claremont; from our approach to doing business to how we facilitate career progression and what one consultant’s day looks like:

    Edward Akinwale, Head of Salesforce & CRM Recruitment at Claremont – UK & Europe. 

    Edward’s career has been mainly been focused on customer relationship management (CRM) platform Salesforce. This involves qualifying very specific requests from customers and connecting them with the top Salesforce professionals in the market on both a freelance and permanent basis. 

    Edward says: “I have provided global Salesforce.com recruitment services to the most exciting projects and companies available in the marketplace, in both a consulting and end-user capacity.

    “I pride myself on being able to find Salesforce candidates in the most hard to reach locations. I have a strong grasp of Salesforce CRM and how it helps businesses as well as knowing the best and worst candidates in the Salesforce market.”

    CRM is an approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers. It uses data analysis about a customer’s history with a company to improve business relationships with them, specifically focusing on customer retention and, ultimately, driving sales growth.

    The world-leading Salesforce CRM platform requires professionals with the expertise to set up, customise and administer it. A professional should ensure that the database is up-to-date and that the necessary reports, dashboards and alerts are generated and disseminated to the correct people.

    Edward’s working philosophy is an “inch-wide, mile deep” approach to doing business. He explains: “The pillars of my approach focus on treating every position with urgency, on being customer-centric and the thorough qualification of vacancies and candidates. 

    “Whether my clients are looking to expand existing teams, move from traditional business applications to the Cloud, develop a deeper understanding of their customer base through the use of data and analytics or enhance their customer experience with innovative social mobile tools while engaging in transformative digital agendas; Claremont is the recruitment partner to help, advise and deliver to their precise requirements.”

    A typical day for Edward:

    Edward starts his day by checking online for daily news, buzz or gossip relating to general business or Salesforce updates. The news channels he checks tend to include BBC News, The Financial Times and Salesforce.com.  

    He then goes through his emails, organises his inbox and logs on to LinkedIn, which comprises a major part of his working day. It is on this platform that Edward will look out for any new Salesforce updates and certification within his network. He then engages with potential candidates and clients. He says: “I mainly network through LinkedIn as it is home to a huge Salesforce community.”

    Edward looks at his “hot jobs” and shares a post about them on his own LinkedIn so that people in both his network and among the Salesforce community can see exactly which exciting opportunities he has to offer on any given day. 

    Most of his morning is spent going through emails and looking on LinkedIn. By midmorning, Edward picks up the phone to his clients and provides them with updates about his services or any pressing market sector news.

    Edward’s job flows through headhunting and market mapping, depending on his clients’ requirements and the territory he is working on.

    During lunch, Edward gets away from my desk for a short while, whether this is popping to the gym, going for a walk or listening to music. He says: “I like to get away from my desk as it helps me refocus and then get back to my work. Having that hour away from my desk then coming back helps me to prioritise my afternoon.”

    After lunch, Edward catches up with potential candidates, giving them feedback or updates on anything he has been working on, be it interviews, CVs or new roles.

    Edward’s days are divided into winning business, finding candidates, interviewing them and handing them over to his clients, which are the businesses who will ultimately employ them. 

    Edward ends his day by planning the next. He does so by leaving certain tabs open on his computer so that when he comes in the following day, he is already to get started straight away. He makes it clear to his clients and candidates that he is available outside working hours, so if anyone needs him at any time, he is free to help. 

    Talking about the values and advantages of his job, Edward says: “My role is extremely varied and no two days are ever the same. Working at Claremont tests and challenges me to help me grow and become the best consultant I can be.”

    We believe that we provide a truly wonderful place to work and now you have heard it straight from one of our consultants. To find out more about joining our team and building your career, please email info@claremontconsulting.com or call 020 3973 7940.