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    We proudly introduce Lilac’s Little Legs, Claremont’s chosen charity for 2020

    We proudly introduce Lilac’s Little Legs, Claremont’s chosen charity for 2020


    We are delighted to unveil Lilac’s Little Legs as our chosen charity for 2020. To that end, we intend to focus all of our fundraising efforts on raising both money for and awareness of this important cause.


    Lilac, who is from Cheltenham, was born critically ill at 34 weeks after which she contracted sepsis, meaning that she had to be put on life support and her condition was touch and go.


    However, Lilac showed true strength of character and incredible fighting spirit and managed to pull through and make a good recovery. She was subsequently discharged from hospital but her battle did not end there. 


    At eight-months-old, she was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy and told that she might never walk. Lilac and her family now desperately need help to get her little legs working, so that she can fulfill her ultimate dream of being able to walk independently - and chase after her little brother of course.


    An operation known as SDR could drastically change Lilac’s life for the better but it is not available on the NHS and is followed by 18 months of intensive rehabilitation.


    Lilac’s family wishes to raise funds to adapt and modify their garden to create a safe environment for her to participate in daily post-operative physiotherapy. This will include daily use of a hot tub and spa pool for hydrotherapy purposes, whatever the weather. The addition of astroturf and a physio unit should help to create a warm, fun and inspiring environment where Lilac can go from strength-to-strength following her SDR operation.


    The family also hopes to get a therapy dog to further support Lilac’s ongoing rehabilitation. This is because the benefits that a dog can bring to a child with disabilities are well-documented and should help Lilac to be as independent as possible, while boosting her confidence and providing her with a beloved companion.


    For every £1 that the Claremont team raises to support Lilac’s ambitious goals, the business will match it through various fundraising events being held by our staff and their families and friends. Our target this year is £3,000, meaning that a minimum of £6,000 in total will be raised for Lilac.


    We chose to support Lilac’s cause as it is one that is close to our hearts here at Claremont. A member of our team is good friends with Lilac’s mother and another team member has a son who suffers from cerebral palsy.


    Lilac’s Little Legs is also a charity that is local to us and we truly believe in the power of giving back and supporting the grassroots organisations which comprise such an important part of our communities.


    To support our efforts for Lilac, please visit our dedicated JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/claremontconsulting-lilac