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    Claremont Consulting uses Legalesign for Global Recruitment

    Tempted by an exciting new executive job offer in Dubai or Dublin? Slovakia or Singapore? Hong Kong or London?

    Signing on the dotted line for that dream position with international recruiters Claremont Consulting, using Legalesign’s electronic signature to complete the contract, couldn’t be simpler. Many of the formalities can be signed off within 24 hours – leaving the lucky applicant ready to pack his passport and bag. 

    With high-end and staffing positions around the world on their books, and offices in America, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe, Claremont Consulting are confident that Legalesign provides the consistent, professional, easy to manage and seamless e-signature process they can rely on to complete international contracts.

    As global operators with multinational clients, we give Claremont Consulting peace of mind as Legalesign is fully compliant with Europe’s latest eIDAS Regulation that legislates on standards required for e-signatures and identity services across the EU. Legalesign is classed as an ‘advanced e-signature’ under this Regulation, giving it legal standing; see here to learn more : https://legalesign.com/blog/eidas-esignature-brexit-and-legalesign/

    Ieshia Thaper, Marketing and Social Media Consultant with Claremont Consulting based at their London office, said, ‘We have been using Legalesign for two years, having switched from another provider. We find it is beneficial for our workflow and I like that we can follow the status of a document, sign it off and move on to the next piece of work. Our clients and candidates have managed to use it without any difficulty.’

    In the last two years Claremont Consulting have sent out more than 3,400 documents for signature – mostly contracts of employment and terms & conditions - which can include as many as 20 pages each. Almost 97% of documents sent by the company’s global delivery manager were completed within 24 hours. (were these global job offers/contracts?)

    Ieshia added, ‘It is vital that we engage with only the best providers at a time when Claremont Consulting is expanding its overseas reach to service multinational clients with staff throughout its territories and to strategically source the very best talent, wherever they are in the world. Legalesign helps us fulfil that criteria.

    ‘I have even accessed Legalesign on my mobile phone, and having documents available this way is a great way of working speedily to sign them off while out of the office.’

    Working paperless with e-signature also meets the corporate eco-friendly values that Claremont Consulting regards highly.

    Ieshia explains, ‘With so much discussion currently taking place around environmental awareness, it is little wonder that many businesses are looking at ways to operate in a more eco-friendly manner. Going green can save your business money, help to streamline operations and show customers that you are responsible and progressive.’


    At Legalesign we couldn’t agree more!

    *For more information about Legalesign:

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