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    In Demand IT Qualifications for 2021

    Each year the world of IT changes which leads to a demand for new qualifications and skills. 2020 brought with it some very drastic changes as a result of the pandemic, which changed how many businesses worked, with the majority switching to working remotely, using video calls for meetings, and using remote access tools for file sharing. Not to mention the increase of cybersecurity threats as more people working from home using potentially unsecured networks and putting vital business information at risk. The impact of these changes on the job market also means information technology recruiters in the UK and abroad also have to adapt and respond to serve job seeking candidates and clients.

    If you work in the world of IT or want to get into it, then being aware of the qualifications and skills that are in demand will help you to stand out from the crowd and help you to be competitive in the IT job market. If you know what employers are looking for, it will help you gain an edge over other candidates. Here are some of the in-demand qualifications to consider.


    This has always been a vital role for any IT role, but as a result of the pandemic, cybersecurity has been pushed as one of the most in-demand qualifications to have. Cybersecurity is vital for all businesses, especially any business that deals with customer data. There are huge fines that can come from data leaks, but they can certainly occur when there are no strong cybersecurity measures in place. For people who are qualified to put these measures in place, then it can be a job role that is the highest in demand.

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing is quite new for many businesses to make the most of, but it is set to rise. With new cloud computing technology such as the rise of Amazon Web Services, having knowledge and qualifications in this area will definitely pay as there will be many new jobs that will be created. Many businesses are moving to cloud computing as a way to be cost-effective, as well as improve security, so there will be an increase in the demand for these roles. 

    Virtual reality and augmented reality

    This is an area that is brand new but it is likely to expand in a big way, in the years to come. The hardware sales for virtual reality technology hit a peak last year, showing high demand. Augmented reality and virtual reality are already making waves in several industries, such as gaming and entertainment, that the growth and expansion are set to explode.

    Business intelligence

    A business intelligence analyst is a key part of many businesses that are looking to be aware of their competitors and make sure that they are always growing and developing. A BI analyst helps to provide direction through analysing data, using skills and qualifications such as data analysis, communication, and problem-solving.

    If you want to move into IT or are looking for new challenges in the tech world, then there are the most in-demand skills for 2021 and onwards. IT will keep changing, but by looking for ways to improve what you do, you’ll give yourself the chance of having a stellar IT career.

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