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    Popular Engineering Career Paths to consider in 2021

    Engineering is a fantastic field, filled with all sorts of great opportunities to explore across a broad range of different paths. As a leading engineer recruiter servicing both clients and helping job seekers find their ideal role, here are just a few of the engineering career paths that are popular in 2021, and that might prove just right for you.

    Design Engineering

    Engineers who specialise in designing new products, tools, and assorted professional systems, are constantly in high demand, whether their experience is rooted in a more practical and hands-on approach or expertise in the use of CAD (Computer-Aided Design).

    Embedded Engineering

    The term “embedded technologies” refers to the implementation of hardware and software systems in a unified way that is typically associated with “smart” functionality. Cloud technologies and “Internet of Things” systems are examples of embedded technologies. As smart tech continues to become more and more popular across a broad range of different domains, embedded engineers are set to be more and more in demand as time goes on.

    AI Engineering

    Artificial intelligence systems have been growing consistently for years now, with the technology involved becoming increasingly sophisticated and requiring engineers who are up to the task. With AI systems requiring complex coding, expertise on the proper integration of robotics, and much more besides, AI engineers are set to be some of the most valuable professionals out there going into the future.

    Software Engineering

    in today’s increasingly tech-driven world, sophisticated software programs, apps, and the internet itself are essential for all sorts of different facets of both personal and professional life. If there’s one thing that lockdown has demonstrated quite clearly, it’s precise that our modern digital tools and platforms -- and the internet itself -- are cornerstone technologies in our ability to conduct our careers, plan and manage our lives, and even relax and have fun, in 2021. Software engineering is called for in a big way, and there are sure to be plenty of jobs in this domain to explore.

    Manufacturing Engineering

    The economy always relies on manufacturing in a variety of different ways, and manufacturing engineers ranging from soldering technicians to CNC machine programmers are essential to the manufacturing process at large. As a manufacturing engineer, you may end up working on cutting edge production machines, robots, health and safety mechanisms, and more.

    Renewable Energy Engineering

    With the fate of the natural world and ecological concerns becoming more and more prevalent in the public consciousness, renewable energy systems are increasingly popular, and there’s been a big push -- from many corners -- to advance solar power, hydroelectric, wind power, and other renewable energy systems as far as possible. Climate change is an imminent and pressing concern, and governments around the world have been setting targets to help address this, which will inevitably require sophisticated technological changes and developments in order to be achieved. In the automotive industry, for example, every car manufacturer in Europe as of 2021 must endure that 95% of their fleet produce no more than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre. With these sorts of policies and standards in place, it’s clear that many talented engineers will be needed.​