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    Should You Hire Permanent, Interim or Contract Staff?

    ​Every entrepreneur or owner will have to make multiple large decisions for their business. Staffing, however, will be one of the most notable especially in critical areas such as information technology where recruiting is notoriously difficult meaning employers often outsource to specialist recruitment agencies.

    That doesn’t mean that there’s just one type of employee. Instead, there are a few of them, each of which comes with its pros and cons.

    What Types of Staff Can You Choose?

    Temporary Staff

    Temporary staff is more commonly referred to as seasonal workers. Typically, these are hired for periods that you expect to be busy, such as Christmas and the summer holidays. If you’re starting a new business, figuring out when you’ll need temporary staff could be difficult.

    You can study other companies in your industry, however, and follow their example in the beginning. The main benefit of seasonal workers is that they’re only hired for the period that you expect to be busy. Depending on the employee, though, you could end up turning them into permanent employees.

    Many potential workers look for these types of positions in various ways, including flexibility and getting their foot in the door. It should be noted that many of these applicants could be on the younger side.

    Interim Staff

    Interim staff, also known as freelancers, have been growing in popularity for quite some time. That’s because they’re one of the more cost-effective workers you can hire. Typically, they will be hired on an as-needed basis, such as to perform a specific task.

    These contractors will have specialized skills in certain areas, such as marketing and web design. Other companies usually hire them for projects geared toward their skills, such as developing a new website.

    Since you only hire them as-needed, paying them is much more affordable than other employees. You also wouldn’t need to worry about most employee benefits.

    Permanent Staff

    Permanent staff is the most common type of employee, with this being spread across part-time and full-time workers. There are multiple benefits to this kind of worker,s such as continual availability and stability.

    Since they’ll be with you for a while, they’ll have a deeper understanding of your requirements and standards. That would make them a much better fit for certain roles than others. You will have to pay much more for them, however, as they’ll need consistent paychecks, among other employee benefits.

    There’s always a risk of a ‘bad hire,’ someone who doesn’t fit into your company. If that happens, then you could have issues firing them and finding a replacement. As such, it’s worth putting a lot of time and effort into making the right choice.

    Which One Should You Pick?

    You could be wondering which of the above you can choose. The decision can depend significantly on your company’s needs. A flexible approach will be needed for this, and you should take a mix-and-match approach.

    For some positions such as those in IT, you’ll need a full-time employee. For others, however, a contract worker could be much more recommended. If you’re planning a recruitment strategy, then you should look at each position individually and determine what type of worker would be best for it.

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