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    ​Claremont Consulting receives Supplier Recognition Award for Leadership

    We are overjoyed to announce that Claremont Consulting has received a global Supplier Leadership award from Johnson Controls International (JCI). We've been named as JCI's key supplier due to our exceptional performance and contributions to their products and services.

    Johnson Controls International PLC is a multinational technology and multi-industry conglomerate. The Company is primarily concerned with the development of energy solutions, integrated infrastructure, and transportation systems. Building Solutions North America, Building Solutions EMEA/LA, Building Solutions Asia Pacific, and Global Products are its segments. It creates, manufactures, and instals building products and systems all over the world, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, HVAC controls, energy-management systems, security systems, and fire detection and suppression solutions.

    We are extremely proud to have been honoured with this accolade; we have shown leadership and made contributions in the areas of innovation, global growth and sustainability. Our collaboration with JCI has exceeded our expectations in every way, as we've delivered above and beyond what was expected, to achieve our common goal of exceeding our customers' expectations.

    "We want to thank the entire team that has helped the company achieve its incredible success over the last few years," said Simon Mustafa, Director at Claremont Consulting. This award not only represents the success in our RPO model but also the success of everyone in our back and front office who has interacted with JCI at some point, whether it be raising invoices and contracts, reporting, payroll, recruitment or a simple beer down the pub - Thank you, everyone."

    We've been JCI's EMEA RPO provider since 2016, and our success with JCI has been built on the foundations of our partnerships and stakeholder management. Our services were designed to supplement all aspects of JCI's hiring process through recruitment to design, and management. We filled their openings with remarkable success, establishing ourselves as the company's critical solution provider.

    "Congratulations!" said Terrence C. Nadeau, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Johnson Controls. “Claremont Consulting has been named a winner of the Johnson Controls Supplier Award for 2021! I thank the Claremont Consulting team for your dedication on behalf of our entire company. We're all working together to improve agility and provide even better products and services to our customers.

    Claremont Consulting has been awarded the 2021 Leadership award for 'Continuous Improvement.' Your company demonstrated consistent performance in this aspect of your partnership during the fiscal year 2021. It takes world-class performance in all aspects of our supplier relationships to power impactful sustainability, respectful safety and security, and an enhanced customer experience. Your company is truly one of the best, and we are honoured to have you as a partner."

    Building Technologies and Solutions

    Given the proximity of our two organisations, we truly believe that this award belongs to the entire Claremont Consulting team, who have contributed to the strengthening of our JCI relationship. Our team can quickly deploy the right processes, people, and software to provide visibility across the entire recruitment process, as well as key insights, cost savings, and a reduced time to hire, whether you are staffing for new business locations, hiring in volume, or targeting experienced individuals to join your organisation.

    Our solutions range in scope from enterprise to project-based, from single to multi-discipline, and from national to international. Claremont Consulting Solutions offers embedded talent acquisition and recruitment services to businesses all over the world. We believe that enhancing the talent acquisition journey will help any hiring strategy succeed.

    RPO - Building your business with a scalable, embedded recruitment service.

    Claremont Consulting offers embedded recruitment (RPO) to companies that want to outsource all or a portion of their recruitment. We combine talent acquisition and recruitment services to alleviate the hiring woes that many of our customers face. Our entire methodology is based on comprehending the requirements of a growing company that needs to shift tactics quickly and regain control of its brand. We offer all-encompassing strategies to help you recruit and retain the best talent. We can then take the reins and lead the end-to-end hiring process for our clients by integrating our specialised recruiters, technology, and best practice processes into their operations

    We are a small team that can quickly and efficiently implement and deliver new policies and procedures as we listen to your needs. We treat our clients as partners, with a single senior global point of contact available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Call today to speak with one of our Talent Solution specialists. Let us walk you through our solutions and show you how to manage your contingent workforce effectively.