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    ​How Can I leave a Lasting Impression at an Interview?

    Job interviews for technology roles are an immensely nerve-racking situation, not least for new graduates and other inexperienced job seekers, never mind employees looking to change jobs. While creating a lasting impression doesn't guarantee that you’ll get hired, it’ll certainly give you a far better shot at success.

    You’ve already impressed the prospective employer enough to get through to this stage of the recruitment process. However, with an average wait of 24 days between the interview and a job offer, you must make yourself a memorable candidate. Here’s how:

    Invest In Your Look & Confidence

    Before entering the interview, you’ll be determined to make the first few minutes count. In reality, recruiters can start to form an opinion of you within the first 0.1seconds of meeting you. While that might sound daunting, learning to use this to your advantage instantly gives you an advantage over candidates who do not.

    Therefore, developing a professional look through good beauty/grooming and attire will serve you well. If nothing else, your heightened sense of self-confidence will shine through from the start and continue to create a better impression, which can seemingly see your words carry more weight.

    Know What Employers Want

    Many job seekers make the mistake of presenting themselves in a way that they think positions them as the best candidate. In reality, it is far better to put yourself in the employer’s shoes to consider what they actually demand from interviewees. Studies show that the top attribute is ‘potential’. Do not forget.

    Always try to make your potential known at the interview stage. While your experiences and education can be promoted too, recruiters have seen these details from your application and C.V. identifying times where you showed your potential for problem-solving in an efficient and intuitive fashion to gain positive results.

    Prepare Some Answers

    Giving stock answers to questions without contextualising them to reflect the business in question is a bad move. After all, recruiters will have heard those generic responses time and time again. Nevertheless, preparing yourself for common questions will aid your cause. Even when those questions don’t surface, your answers can be adjusted. 

    In addition to considering the questions you are likely to be asked, you must understand the eight main interview types. Knowing how to handle them correctly won’t just help you prepare. It’ll also remove any insecurities you may feel before entering the interview, subsequently allowing you to give the best version of yourself.

    Build A Rapport

    Ultimately, employers want to hire candidates who they think will fit the company. So, building a rapport can be key. Thanks to the internet, you can quickly research the key people ahead of the interview. Following this, you can strike up a bond over joint experiences or shared interests.

    Of course, it helps to know about the business as you can comment on recent developments to show your understanding of the company and the industry as a whole. On a side note, when answering the standard questions, you can subtly dangle a carrot by mentioning something that they will ask you to follow up on. Have the answers to this prepared too.


    Last but not least, you need to practice. Most job seekers have had limited experience in interviews. Therefore, using the mirror to note your body language is advised. Similarly, getting an interview coach or asking friends and family to conduct a trial run can work wonders.

    Once you lose the embarrassment in front of them, you’ll be far more comfortable in real settings. In turn, you can make the lasting impression that will make HR teams and technology recruiters more likely to offer you the job.

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