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    What are the Key Qualities of a Good Software Developer?

    A career in software development is highly attractive to all tech-savvy workers and job seekers. Whether you are a recent graduate or you’re looking to transfer from a related field into a space for developers, it’s imperative that you understand and possess the key qualities needed to thrive.

    Aspiring software developers should put themselves in the shoes of prospective employers or clients to gain a better understanding of how to stand out as a candidate. While one business may want a slightly different type of candidate to another firm, the following qualities are sought after across the sector. Focus on developing them to become better developers, and your prospects will look brighter than ever.


    1. Technical Knowledge

    First and foremost, developers must be equipped with the technical skills needed for proficient programming. While developers and job seekers are often judged based on their capabilities within a particular program or framework, it’s important to remember that the best developers can display their technical knowledge across multiple platforms. In fact, Stack Overflow research shows that three-in-four developers learn at least one new technical language annually. Still, job seekers can position themselves for a more successful career in technology by focusing on high-demand frameworks such as;


    ●      C++

    ●      Google Go

    ●      Javascript

    ●      Ruby

    ●      Scala

    ●      Python

    ●      SQL


    2. A Curious Mindset

    Technical skills provide a solid platform to build upon. However, as Rahul Varshneya of Arkenea.com states: “If writing code were a science, all developers would pretty much be the same.” Without creative flair, developers are unable to push through the glass ceiling or challenge the perceived limitations of what can be achieved by different programs and frameworks. Inquisitive developers will naturally want to look for newer (better) solutions to overcoming various software-based challenges.

    A curious mind can manifest itself in many ways, but largely focuses on asking key questions, like;

    ●      What is missing?

    ●      Does the solution offer scalability?

    ●      Is the software blessed with a UX that can be mastered by novice users?

    ●      What stops the program from working to its full capability?

    ●      Is there a more cost-effective way to do this?

    ●      Can the software integrate with others?


    3. People Skill

    Software developers and programmers spend the bulk of their time working with computers and modern tech. Consequently, untrained workers may assume that it’s not a career where interpersonal skills are needed. On the contrary, it is an integral feature for software engineers as they look to build programs aligned to the firm’s needs. While 59% of software teams have improved productivity by working remotely, it is only possible due to clear communication.

    The importance of people skills and general communication could not be greater, and will help you overcome the following issues;

    ●      Understanding the client’s or company’s pain points,

    ●      Collaborating with team members and authorized users,

    ●      Understanding the end user’s UX requirements,

    ●      Communicate with cohesion and trust to save valuable time,

    ●      Work seamlessly with both technical and non-technical staff,

    ●      Showing leadership skills in the appropriate situations.

    4. Time Management

    In addition to people skills, the best developers will be highly organized. This is especially important when dealing with your approach to time management. With a CAGR rate of 4%, the software development industry is growing at a positive rate. However, businesses have an increasingly high demand for fast results. Whether it’s creating new programs quickly or showing a rapid response to correct issues, you need to feel a sense of control. After all, time is money.

    Job seekers and new developers can implement several changes to promote increased time management, such as;


    ●      Getting into the habit of short and long-term goal setting.

    ●      Following a clear schedule, even when working remotely,

    ●      Blocking out distracting websites,

    ●      Tracking productivity with the appropriate software,

    ●      Keeping computers and tech tools well maintained,

    ●      Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying hydrated.


    5. Adaptability


    The tech arena is constantly evolving, not least with regard to software development. As such, developers must always be looking to improve. A natural intuition and love of learning certainly aid the cause. However, adaptability also means being able to embrace new ideas and technologies at any given moment. Forbes cites this as the key factor that will help developers overcome a crisis. Furthermore, it is an essential feature for facilitating continued growth and expansion.

    Adaptability can take many forms. Some of the key features that developers should focus on are listed below;


    ●      Not overspecializing in one framework,

    ●      Stay updated with the latest industry news,

    ●      Work iteratively to keep evolving,

    ●      Be open to change but know boundaries,

    ●      Develop cross-skilling and versatility.


    6. Passion


    Last but not least, you must only pursue a career in this field if you have a passion for it. Software development is not an industry where you can afford to go through the motions. Your inquisitive mind and continued desire to learn and engage with the work will be key. As Steve Jobs famously said: “the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

    Besides, when you are equipped with genuine passion, many of the other features naturally fall into place.

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