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    Germany's thriving technology scene is so 'hot right now'

    ​The German start-up scene is thriving right now. In fact, new data show that it is the city of Berlin's fastest-growing job-creating sector. There are several reasons for this expansion, but today we'll look at how German start-ups are addressing talent shortages by hiring workers from other European countries.

    Europe's Silicon Valley

    Because of its thriving tech scene, Berlin has been dubbed "Europe's Silicon Valley." Foreign companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have major offices in the city, and they are joined by local start-ups from all over the world, such as Rocket Internet, Zalando, and Delivery Hero. Other German cities are also thriving. For example, Munich has its own start-up hub called The Factory, which has grown to become one of Europe's largest start-up incubators in the last three years. In addition, Hamburg is working to become a hotspot for new businesses.

    The city is teeming with an entrepreneurial spirit unlike any other. According to PWC's Global Cities of the Future report, by 2022, nearly half of all Silicon Valley-based businesses will be international.

    As a result, Berlin's tech scene is one of Europe's most exciting (and fastest-growing). And some people are benefiting greatly from the boom, with jobs such as chief technology officer (CTO) and managing director of data science in Berlin both paying an average salary of more than €100,000.

    Germany Engineers and Developers

    Let's face it: technology is the primary reason engineers and developers are in high demand. So, it makes sense to live in a technologically advanced city, right? We believe so. Germany's capital is one of the most wired cities in Europe in terms of infrastructure, making it an obvious choice for techies looking for a dynamic digital job as well as a high-quality lifestyle. Berlin is more than a place to live and work; it is also a place to thrive. Opportunities to innovate, upskill, and play a role in the company's success are very likely.

    Moving to Germany's capital city may be one of the best decisions you'll ever make if you're a tech-oriented person, particularly if you have software development and consulting experience. And if you get a job with a Berlin start-up, we can almost guarantee that the perceived difference will be nothing short of incredible!

    How we can help get you a job in Germany

    Claremont Consulting can assist you in this regard. We all know how difficult it can be to make a career change to a different city, whether you're looking to switch industries or positions within the same company. Whatever the reason, having a compelling and professional online presence will ultimately help you attract more attention from hiring managers. When looking for potential candidates, recruiters are likely to look first at your LinkedIn profile. Our rising visitor traffic from potential tech employees looking for tech jobs in Europe has increased rapidly; it's clear that Berlin offers a high quality of life with numerous opportunities for career advancement within a vibrant and welcoming community. Just make sure your personal brand and digital footprint are on point because competition is fierce.

    Land your dream job with Claremont Consulting in Germany now Or reach out to our Germany Tech team Tom and Luke who are both happy to discuss life in Germany and the current opportunities we have right now.