Simon Mustafa


Name: Simon Mustafa

Date joined Claremont Consulting:  As a founder Director, right from the beginning

Since helping to establish Claremont Consulting, I have been able to further demonstrate my in-depth knowledge of the global IT consulting market and build on my close working relationships with some of the industry's leading consultancy organisations. I am responsible for the continued expansion of our international RPO service and I am also key to identifying emerging technical, vertical and geographical markets across the globe.

I enjoy seeing people develop their careers and lives and also the close friendships formed. We give people the autonomy and freedom to express themselves, but there is always senior-level help where required. The Directors are always approachable and we employ a ‘no door is ever closed’ policy.
A pretty handy cricketer in my day, I now spend most of my spare time as a taxi service to and from my children’s multitude of sporting activities. I also attend the occasional Arsenal game at the (ever raucous) Emirates Stadium.