Florian Ortmanns

Data Science Specialist ‑ Germany

I am a Data Science specialist at Claremont Consulting. I started my career in Recruitment a year and a half ago and joined Claremont Consulting with plans to grow the brand's data science sector and presence in Germany. I am fluent in German with a background in sales and I understand the culture and the people very well. I can help companies find the right people for their business growth. I have a real interest in Data Science and Engineering and I am very excited to join the Claremont team. If you are looking for a new data science role in Machine Learning and AI then look no further. I am a reputable recruiter with an international presence -please drop me an email or DM me across LinkedIn."

In my spare time, I like to meet my friends and drink Beer. I like to travel and I have a love for Computer games!