George Dix


I work here at Claremont as a Senior 360 Consultant, where I have built out the C# & .NET Desk purely focusing on the Swedish market (Stockholm). I work with well-established brands and some of the fastest-growing Start-Ups/Scale-Ups helping them build out their technical capabilities. 

I work closely with CEO's, CTO's and other Hiring Managers to establish how we can help build and assist in their needs on the recruitment front, but also to build a positive collaboration and partnership for the long term. The type of roles I work really range from understanding what the individual client is looking for, for example, it can be anywhere between a Junior, Mid and Senior Backend Developers, Full Stack Developers and Technical lead and Engineering Managers. 

We have a large team here at Claremont, therefore if the role is out of my niche we work collaboratively here at Claremont to fulfil the job requirements. This would involve roles such as Frontend, DevOps Engineers, Data and also Mobile & iOS. 

Some of the companies I work with -

  • Betsson Group,

  • BookBeat,

  • Doconomy,

  • Cantemo,

  • Happy Group,

  • SoundTrack Your Brand,

  • PregLife