Jean-Pierre Cuadra

Senior Recruiting Manager

I am an experienced Senior Recruiting Manager focused on our continued growth within the US market. A chameleon, with a proven record of success in recruiting in verticals such as Finance & Accounting, Investment Banking, Digital Marketing and Human Resources. I unapologetically love the recruiting industry and spend my days and nights learning and speaking to people about their careers and what their next move is.

I was immediately intrigued by the culture and how different it was compared to what I am accustomed to. The Claremont team set itself apart from all the others. Its members felt genuine, everyone was transparent, and it was clear that Claremont Consulting is a company that motivates its team members and encourages a culture of continuous improvement. More than a year later, I can confidently say becoming a member of the Claremont team has been the best career decision I have made thus far.