Case Study:
Enhancing Candidate Engagement

Focusing our attention on attracting amazing individuals to work at JCI, we developed the Talent Acquisition journey to offer future and existing candidates the best possible candidate experience.

The Challenge: 

As a new and unknown local employer, direct applications for advertised roles were not delivering the required quantity and quality of applications resulting in labour intensive and lengthy recruitment process.

What we did:

We focused on developing and articulating our customers Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and secure top talent. Delivered in two stages we initially focused on local Employer Branding and enhancing the EVP, then focussed on engaging with potential candidates ahead of the need.

  • Employer Branding and enhancing EVP.
  • Introduced new company visuals.
  • Produced Materials for candidates.
  • Created engaging Video content to showcase the company and work opportunities.
  • Automated the onboarding process.
  • Candidate Engagement.
  • Launched social media channels and content.
  • Established Brand Ambassadors within the organisation.

The Result:

A faster recruitment process with a significant reduction in candidate dropout rates throughout the process.