Case Study:
Scaling Up in a New Country

The Challenge:

Recently relocated to Slovakia, our customer needed to hire over 300 finance professionals over a 6 months period.

Before engaging us to deliver a solution to this challenge, our customer was working with a large number of local recruitment agencies to identify candidates. This was fast becoming a costly and inadequate option which was failing to deliver the required results: great candidates, quickly!

What we did:

  • Rapidly established a dedicated recruitment team based onsite at our customers’ office.

  • Developed a compelling employee value proposition which could be articulated to all potential candidates.

  • Built a candidate selection process aimed at creating a great experience for candidates and hiring managers, whilst identifying the right individuals to join the organisation.

  • Put in place the necessary tools to manage all applications.

    • A careers website showcasing the EVP, the roles being recruited and the process each candidate would go through.

    • Video interviews to accelerate the selection for both candidates and managers.

  • Assessed the local candidate market to identify if sufficient candidates were available.

    • Flooded the local market with the opportunity, presenting our customer as an important employer in the region.

    • Developed a national and international attraction strategy to support the headcount need.

What we achieved:

Our team significantly enhanced the recruitment journey for hiring managers and candidates, attracting numerous candidates and providing managers with the right tools to support their hiring decisions