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    Achieve project deadlines and pass quality control 

    The success of your project depends on the quality of IT talent you can secure for its duration. Errors, delays and bad team dynamics will cost time and money and create stress for you and your team. Working with Claremont, you can avoid all these problems. We can supply you with the skilled IT contractors you need in the specialist areas we cover across the developed world.

    Our approach falls into two stages and competencies. The first is the breadth of our network and the quality of our relationships with contractors. Each of our specialist teams invests time in market mapping and building relationships with the experts in their discipline.
    Second, we apply rigorous screening methods to uncover the technical and team skills that each niche requires. Also, we ensure all contractors are fully compliant, see our Compliance service. Our dedicated compliance team have extensive knowledge of legislation in each region.

    Our teams provide our customers with:

    Contractor After Care

    • We invest the same amount of time and effort into Contractor aftercare as we do into sourcing; from simple, secure, and reliable contractor pay to insurance and relocation services when required.

    The Value of Long-Term

    • Our long-term approach is based on the belief that the most successful recruitment assignments occur as client relationships mature, which, delivers a positive contractor and recruitment experience.

    Challenge us

    You may be happy with your current recruitment providers, but why not put us to the test with a trial vacancy for a challenging role? We'll respond to your challenge by giving you three exact match CVs, market analysis and tips on attracting the target profile talent, from package pay rates to fine-tuning your contractor onboarding process.

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    Contact us to find out more about working with Claremont (+44) 20 3973 7940 or email info@claremontconsulting.com.