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    Claremont Consulting approaches Executive Search differently. The development of our Global Communities and content streams has enabled us to build strong, long-lasting, transparent relationships with the best professionals in the disciplines that we specialise in. These partnerships with our clients allow us to deliver the world’s best talent to our clientele when they are looking to fill strategically vital positions

    We understand that every role is unique and needs to be clearly defined to recognise its purpose. This means that we can help you hire the best leaders, based on where your organisation is going, not where it’s been, to guarantee future success.

    Our specialist team meticulously searches for candidates whose skill-sets are perfectly matched to the role in question and will provide organisations with intelligent ways of working. We achieve this because of our all-important relationships, which never fail to deliver the right individual to the right client. we are connected to a wide network of professionals via our international offices, regional teams and content streams, regardless of whether or not they are actively recruiting. This means that when our clients are ready to fill a highly skilled technical role, we will be ready to seamlessly assist them along the hiring journey.

    We understand that Executive Search helps to boost your employer brand. While large organisations are able to invest time and money in developing their brand, many SMEs are not afforded the same resources. Claremont Consulting is equipped with an impressive infrastructure of potential candidates who will add real value to your business. We take the time to provide them with 360 insights so that they understand your organisation’s culture, ethos and atmosphere, alongside the opportunities for training and career development.

    Our 5 step Executive Search process

    Our process is worth it. This is because our approach invests time into finding and acquiring your most important assets. They are the leaders who will drive your business, inspire your people and achieve your purpose.

    Step 1: Create

    Our Executive Search hiring process starts with building the role from scratch through a systematic discovery process. We look at the context of the situation, the construct of the team and the content of the work. We define the role based on where your organisation is going, not where it’s been. 

    Step 2: Locate

    Filled with a clear vision for what the role needs to achieve and the context in which it needs to be done, we create an enlightened strategy to find those few individuals for whom this would be the right career move at the right time. Our approach is insightful, attracts the best prospects and builds trust, alongside a strong talent pipeline. 

    Step 3: Engage

    We conduct a multi-round, interactive interview process embedded with the latest tools, technology and assessments to help us identify which prospects are best aligned to your situational needs. When ready for client interviews to begin, we create suggested “ditch the desk” interactive executive interview scenarios which result in more authentic and invaluable experiences for everyone involved. 

    Step 4: Acquire

    With the right situational candidate chosen, we help to coordinate and negotiate all of the details to make a successful hire. This includes developing the offer package and leading an acquisition strategy that achieves our business goals and those of our candidate and their families. This also involves going back to thank all of our stakeholders and alternate candidates who were not chosen. 

    Step 5: Ready

    Successful onboarding and valuable relationships begin once our candidate is selected. We assist with the important work of preparing everyone for a successful start. This includes coordinating internal and external communications on both sides, transition plans, relocation details, position pre-work, engagement of executive coaching and general advisory duties. This stage usually lasts for less than six weeks, but in some cases may take longer due to client or candidate needs.

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