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    By partnering with Claremont Consulting, you'll never sacrifice quality when hiring, because our approach will always find and secure you the talent you need no matter how rare the skills are. At the heart of what we do is our long-term approach, we call it the 'Cycle of Success'. This guide helps us build trust with you and your target pool of candidates. That confidence leads to enhanced and detailed feedback and information-sharing. Download a full set of our service offerings here

    Specialist Teams  

    We combine highly experienced recruitment partners with niche specialist teams so that you get the perfect blend of expert insight and deep recruitment expertise with every assignment. Each specialist team has a global infrastructure at their disposal, to run sophisticated sales and marketing campaigns for your assignments. Our campaigns attract elusive and passive candidates because we've built networks and nurtured relationships with all of the leading experts in each discipline.

    Our in-depth understanding of each discipline is based on several years of training, development and on the ground relationship building. We use market mapping, ongoing conversations, and explorative interviews. We know who the experts are, what their skills are, and what they want. This approach ensures that our candidates are not only selected but also have long-term success in your employment.

    Our specialist teams have all been set up in pretty much the same way, they can source and place the very best talent into global businesses, their experience means they can meet the needs of our clients and provide them with specialist sector advice and key market insights. They also provide our clients with full support across their entire assignment, from shortlist to interview management, onboarding and background checks, right through to payroll management and continued aftercare. This is consistent throughout all of our specialisms, So, for example, if you need a consultant and business analyst to scope out the digital transformation of your supply chain, we can supply you with proven experts in your sector.​​

    Our teams in IT are experts in Business Solutions, Cloud, Infrastructure, Security, Project Management, HR Executive. 

    We deliver 

    Value-Based Knowledge

    • We use all of the data and information that we gather and analyse to give you better market advice. Our advice ranges from the recruitment process for developers to market rates for project managers, to which career profiles are best suited to the move to smart, connected technologies.

    Good Company

    • As proof of our effectiveness, we work with some of the most sophisticated corporate recruitment teams in the UK and Europe, ranging from multinational telcos to global media companies and big consultancies.

    Employer Brand, Candidate Journey

    • Many of our clients are household names whose reputation proceed them. We are allowed to become an extension of their HR/Talent Acquisition function, which helps us provide a smooth candidate experience. 

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    Contact us to find out more about permanent roles at Claremont (+44) 20 3973 7940 or email info@claremontconsulting.com

    Hong Kong Permanent team

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    Contact our Hong Kong office to get expert advice on the trends in your sectors and the types of roles and services available by calling +852 5803 3479 or email info@claremontconsulting.asia

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    Atlanta (USA) Permanent team

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    Contact our US team for your hiring needs. Our specialist recruitment consultants source talent for perm roles across America bryan.wyrick@claremontconsulting.com

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