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    Compliance: Comprehensive and Thorough 

    The UK and Europe have introduced a wide range of employment legislation to protect either tax revenues, colleagues, or companies from AWR, IR35 through to Criminal Finance Act. We welcome these changes and work hard to guarantee you every contractor we supply is fully compliant. We have a 100% success rate with contractors on-boarding compliantly.

    Our compliance team has global experience of countries' laws and can swiftly process contractors in under, 48 hours to approve all checks. Our fully audited systems adhere to GDPR standards, and we meet the demands of our multi-national corporate clients.

    Statement of Work Projects (SOW)

    Experienced project managers, like yourself, realise there are significant savings to be made resourcing IT projects through SME consultancies rather than the large players. We can offer you the savings, security, and talent you need for your project through our Statement of Work (SOW) service line. On average, you will save 15% on the project streams we deliver, and we will ensure everyone on our site is entirely accountable for the speed and quality of the work.

    We will provide clear and up-front costs with no hidden extras, all fully documented and reported throughout the project. Our in house teams have been delivering this solution for several years. From the word go, we become your third party services provider delivering services under a statement of work arrangement. All this means that our services will include full project management against deliverables and milestones, which means you are no longer paying for a contractor's time, but for a specific outcome.

    There are plenty of benefits to operating in this way outside of IR35 compliance, so it could be an opportunity to explore an alternative way of doing business. Find out more about our SOW offering, or get in touch today. Our IR35 specialists can help you deploy this solution to protect your project-critical contractors. Email IR35@claremontconsulting.com to book an appointment.