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    RPO Powers your recruitment with the right people, processes and systems for hiring success

    Whether you are staffing for new business locations, hiring in volume or targeting experienced individuals to join your organisation, we can rapidly deploy the right processes, people and software to provide visibility across the whole recruitment process, alongside key insights, cost savings and a reduced time to hire. Our RPO recruitment model is built for our customers, and we shape our solutions around your capabilities complementing the elements of the hiring journey that you wish to manage in-house. Download The Global Recruiters Guide to RPO for 2021. Mark Baker and Simon Mustafa, directors at Claremont Consulting share their unique RPO approach that makes us stand out against the crowd

    The scope of our solutions ranges from enterprise to project-based, single to multi-discipline and national to international. Claremont Consulting Solutions provides embedded talent acquisition and recruitment services to companies globally. We believe that enriching the talent acquisition journey will enable success in any hiring strategy. The first question we always ask our prospective clients is, 'how are you looking to change or transform your recruitment outputs?' Many reply that they don't have the expertise or the time to hire right.

    Here at Claremont Consulting, we have the time and expertise to get it right.

    We have built a set of 'Strategic Talent Solutions' that will enable recruitment success for any business industry. Our 3 tier model: Talent Build, Talent Bridge and Talent Boost encompasses the core foundations of what we do, we embed talent acquisitions and recruitment services! We take away the pain that many of our customers feel when it comes to hiring. When you work with us you can be assured that our recruitment model will deliver the right people, processes and systems for hiring without headache and stress

    Contact us to find out more about working with Claremont (+44) 20 3973 7940 or email info@claremontconsulting.com.