Strategic Talent Solutions

High Staff Turnover

Misrepresenting a role or incorrectly assessing candidate are a known contributor of staff turnover

Poor Candidate Experience

No or little communication with your candidates, a convoluted application process and a poor interview can all contribute to a negative perception of your organisation.

Lack of candidates

Badly written job adverts, not refreshing where and how you promote roles, will impact the number of applications to your roles.

Inefficient and costly process

Candidates dropping out, high interview to offer ratios, low number of employee referrals, make for a time consuming and expensive hiring process.

Biased process, poor D&I

A biased recruitment process will hamper your attempts to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Disengaged Recruitment Partners

Staffing agencies are no longer providing you with quality candidates, fed up with not receiving feedback for their efforts or realising that a multitude of staffing firms are also working your vacancy.

Poor Employer Brand

Your Employer Brand defines your reputation and popularity as an employer and contributes to your ability to attract the candidates you want.

Single dimensional attraction strategy

Promoting your opportunities via one type of medium limits your candidate pool, missing out on great candidates.

Time to hire

How much are your unfilled positions costing your business?

No Performance metrics

A lack of recruitment data makes it difficult to make informed recruitment decisions and ensuring a great Return on Investments.

Recruitment Technology no longer fit for purpose

Applicant Tracking System, CRM or a spreadsheet, does your Talent Acquisition system support your recruitment process, reducing administration and provide you with valuable insight?

Total Workforce View

Complementing your permanent workforce are contractors, freelancers, statement of work, temporaries, interims. Do you know how many you have, what systems they can access, equipment they are using?