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  • Whether you’re a start-up with big ambitions or a large company with small problems, Our core Talent Acquisition services will be complemented by our growing HR services which are designed to work with your organisation to plan, implement, execute and iterate your Human Resource strategies within Employer Branding, People Experience and Culture

    We specialise in the following:

    • Employee Value Proposition - We can help you to take your company culture and put it into a definable statement that reflects what you offer to future employees

    • Employer Branding - Our Employer Branding Specialist will help you map and define a strategic program that makes sure the best of you is reaching the best of the candidates.

    • People Experience - A people specialist will help define and implement strategies to encourage engagement and interaction within your organisation, provide the right environments to help culture grow and take on the responsibility of employee wellbeing.

    • Process Consultancy - We consider the other personalities present in your team, as well as your culture and values, to help you invest in long term hires that will drive value through many steps of your company's journey

    • Talent Mapping - We aim to open up conversations with potential candidates and establish a relationship with your company. and helps builds an eco-system of potential top talent that is engaged with your Brand, knows what you do and stand for and want to be a part of it.

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