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    Claremont Consulting provides embedded recruitment (RPO) to businesses looking to outsource all or part of their recruitment. We integrate talent acquisition and recruitment services to alleviate the hiring pains that many customers experience. Our entire methodology is built around understanding the needs of a growing company that must shift tactics rapidly and regain control of its brand. We provide all-encompassing strategies that assist recruit and retain the greatest talent. By integrating our specialised recruiters, technology, and best practice processes into our clients' operations, we can then take the reins and lead the end-to-end hiring process for them.

    Our recruitment model is designed for our customers, and we shape our solutions to complement the aspects of the hiring journey that they wish to manage in-house. The Global Recruiters Guide to RPO in 2021 is available for download. Claremont Consulting directors Mark Baker and Simon Mustafa discuss their distinct RPO approach that distinguishes us from the competition.

    Whether you are staffing for growth, new business locations, hiring in volume or targeting sought after candidates, Claremont's RPO will meet your recruitment objectives by rapidly deploying our experienced recruiters, smooth processes and tools. We create a fantastic experience for both candidates and hiring managers, from the moment you identify a need to recruit, to the start date of your chosen hire. Our strategies directly deal with your staffing issues, it allows complete transparency and a better understanding of your workforce.

    Our talent acquisition team can supply the processes, technology and people to manage your entire contingent workforce, from request to fulfilment, IR35 Status Determination statements, time sheets to consolidated invoicing, giving you instant access to spend, utilisation and performance data. If you want to receive a more holistic set of solutions that work together with your strategies for business growth, we can make your life a lot easy in the long run.

    Here are a few of the reasons and claimed benefits of our RPO:
    • Access to resources and tools for talent sourcing and recruitment.

    • Take advantage of our new technologies – as a dedicated RPO partner we have dedicated staff that tests and evaluates new tools.

    • Adapted compliance from region to region and our Processes are efficient and cost-effective

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    We are a small team that can implement and deliver new policies and procedures quickly and efficiently as we listen to your needs. We approach our clients as partners and provide them with a single senior global point of contact who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call today to connect with one of our Talent Solution specialists, let us guide you through our solutions, and show you how to best manage your contingent workforce

    Contact us at info@claremontconsulting.com or call on (0)203 973 7940