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    Consolidate your contingent workforce strategy to bridge your Talent Acquisition needs.

    Talent bridge is Claremont's managed service MSP, which allows clients to hire contractors fast, ensuring visibility, compliance, consolidation via a vendor management system VMS. Talent bridge is a Claremont solution that works side by side with the IR35. This solution will help you get your full contingent workforce up to speed, by helping you place the right processes, technology and people to manage your contingent workforce; from request to fulfilment and from timesheets to consolidated invoicing, giving you instant access to spend, utilisation and performance data.

    Talent bridge is a practical and compliant solution that can help manage your contractors and help the business through IR35. We built it, to identify and fix your on-demand labour, giving you total visibility and control of your workers, in a compliant and cost-effective way.

    At Claremont, we have found that the best way to help our customers is by offering them a one to one, to explore the options that will help them re-strategise and re-engage with their entire workforce. There are now several complexities behind a contingent workforce, with IR35 looming, many companies still haven't looked for a quick and efficient way to regain control and determine their workforce. Some companies have decided to bypass the rules and drive their entire workforce to a single onboarding solution. This only means that the company is at risk if they attempt a blanket ban on its workforce without following the correct determinations.

    This managing style is inconsistent and will fully expose the employment risks and compliance issues, with very little visibility of the contingent workers and their associated costs. 

    We are very keen to speak to anyone facing these same strategic issues, Claremont can help you bridge your skills gap through a fast, accurate and compliant solution delivering all the required resources. If you are looking for complete transparency, then Talent bridge is here to help! 

    Benefits of Talent Bridge:

    • Achieve your objectives quickly and cost-effectively by assessing an extensive pool of contractors

    • Access the data you need, when you need it without information overload

    • Save time administering multiple invoices and re-allocating to cost centre or project codes

    • All your on-demand assignments in one place and visible through one system

    • Contractor costs managed against your budget

    • Peace of mind that your contracts are compliant

    • Trust that you are paying market rates for your contingent labour. 

    • Claremont Protect ensures that your contract is engaged on approved and compliant contracts, provides you with full visibility of rate calculations, and where required ensured the necessary taxes are paid to HMRC

    Call today to connect with one of our IR35 specialists. We are at hand to advise you on the impending IR35 changes. Let us guide you through our Talent solutions, we can show you how best to manage your contingent workforce on info@claremontconsulting.com or call on (0)203 973 7940

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    How will IR35 affect you? Download our guide which details everything you need to know about the impending changes.


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