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    Build your business with a scalable, embedded recruitment service.

    Talent Build provides embedded recruitment (RPO) to businesses looking to outsource all or part of their recruitment.

    At Claremont we can seamlessly integrate with your business, to deliver the talent you require while bringing transparency and efficiency to the end-to-end recruiting process. Our embedded solutions, takes care of all of your hiring needs, complementing the elements of the recruitment journey that you wish to manage in-house.

    Whether you are staffing for growth, new business locations, hiring in volume or targeting sought after candidates, Talent Build will meet your recruitment objectives by rapidly deploying our experienced recruiters, smooth processes and tools. We create a fantastic experience for both candidates and hiring managers, from the moment you identify a need to recruit, to the start date of your chosen hire.

    Otherwise known, as our old Talent Solutions, we have redefined the way RPO, Contingent and Staffing works for you. Talent Build directly deals with the staffing issues, it allows complete transparency and a better understanding of your workforce.

    With IR35 still looming, many businesses are quickly realising, that any attempt of a blanket ban on their workforce without the correct checks, could lead to financial penalties. The burden of IR35 is real.

    At Claremont, our Talent Build solution can work alongside our new Workforce Solution called 'Claremont Comply'. We can supply the processes, technology and people to manage your entire contingent workforce, from request to fulfilment, IR35 Status Determination statements, time sheets to consolidated invoicing, giving you instant access to spend, utilisation and performance data. If you want to receive a more holistic set of solutions that work together with your strategies for business growth, we can make your life a lot easy in the long run. Download our guide to Claremont Comply and find out how Talent build can work for you.

    Call today to connect with one of our IR35 specialists (0) 203973 7940. We are at hand to advise you on the impending IR35 changes info@claremontconsulting.com.

     Download our guide to Claremont Comply