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    We're growing. Come and join us.

    The growing demand for Claremont Consulting's services globally is fuelled by the quality of our consultants and the consultative service they provide.

    We're looking for driven professionals who are dedicated to mastering one of our specialist sectors and share our passion for delivering extraordinary services to our global clients and candidates.



    People first

    We have a people-centric culture here at Claremont Consulting and we have made it our business to build a transparent, honest and inclusive brand.

    We understand that our employees are our greatest asset, without them, we would not be the success story we are today. Our staff are rewarded with great benefits, generous commissions, schemes and opportunities for progression and personal development in their wellbeing as well as their careers. We have created a safe and happy work environment, as we believe this is the key to productivity.

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    Core Values - accountability -Black male with glasses and polar neck

    We accept responsibility for our actions as we are a proactive consultancy with good judgement and support.​

    We always deliver what we promise and our boutique-style offers a more personal approach, our success is very much down to a joint team effort...

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    Core Values - Growth and community- a hand with a plant in it
    Community & Growth

    We focus on client and candidate satisfaction via our supportive team.

    With a global presence in the UK, Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific, we have built a strong community of followers and partners who enjoy working with us...

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    Core Value - Honesty - a group of colleagues sitting in the office and

    We have strong moral principles and at the heart of the business is the integrity of our staff who do not compromise on the truth.

    We believe in the success of a team and encourage a balance of support and competitiveness between staff....

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    Core Values - Agility - a female sprinting in mid air  - back drop the grand canyon

    We will always look for ways to improve our service.

    We have a focused and dedicated team who can adapt to new policies and practices that can be delivered in an agile and efficient manner...

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    mental health - breathe neon surrounded by green foliage
    every mind logo mental health support for employees

    Health & Wellbeing Partner: EveryMind

    We partner with EveryMind at Work to provide a full spectrum of support and education around mental health.


    Rewards and Perks

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    Benefits Boutique

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    What employees say

    • Jonathan Ho
      Jonathan Ho

      Regional Director APAC Claremont APAC

      ​I responded to the culture for me first, even though I was based in the Hong Kong I always felt part of the larger organization and the mindset behind recruitment was the same as how I wanted to recruit.  The right fit was the key priority rather than getting KPI’s out and so ensured that we pushed harder for the right candidates and clients rather than just pumping out some figures with low returns
    • Cheyenne Lam
      Cheyenne Lam

      Managing Consultant Claremont APAC

      ​Through the support, training, and collaboration at Claremont, I learned a lot about different management styles and strategies as well as other specialisations for maintaining our competitive recruitment business.  I find Claremont gave me lots of possibilities, and that’s why it’s the place I wanted to pursue my career.
    • Hannah Lancaster
      Hannah Lancaster

      MSP Account & Recruitment Delivery Manager Claremont UK

      ​It was very clear from the start that the Claremont cared about their employees and their personal development. They had laid out to me the successes they had had and where/how I could progress through the company. After almost 5 years I can safely say they stuck to their word!
    • Nicole Pheby
      Nicole Pheby

      Operations Director Claremont UK

      ​The culture at Claremont Consulting is like no other. I like everything about the business; they are good to their staff and are always there for you when you need help so I knew straight away it was where I wanted to continue my career
    • Billy Hamblin
      Billy Hamblin

      DevOps and Cloud Recruitment Consultant. Claremont UK

      I could tell from my first meeting that Claremont was a company that like to do things the right way and allow you to develop and focus on a specialism. There is a lot of experience in the office which is great for support and advice.

    Diversity and Inclusion

    ​Watch this space - Our new Diversity and Inclusion policy is almost ready. Since 2020, we have been working hard to make sure that our new policy is inclusive of everyone that works for us.


    Diversity and Inclusion  - Vector image of lots different kinds of people in a crowd

    As a team we love to have fun


    Life at Claremont

    Life at Claremont  - young girl with head resting on a neon sign


    CSR & giving back

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