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    We are committed to exercising a comprehensive corporate social responsibility policy to make a difference to our local communities, and give something back where possible. Here are just a few of the ways we have tried and are still trying to help.

    We have chosen to support Lilac’s Little Legs, a charity that struck a chord with us all here at Claremont. We have been raising money via pub quizzes, early payday finishes, Christmas jumper days, where nearly all of our fundraising efforts have centred around this charity. We have raised awareness for Lilac, and her story has touched so many of our hearts here at Claremont. Her battle for independence and to walk again is not only courageous but a reminder to us all that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

    Picture of Lilac

    At eight-months-old, Lilac was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy and told that she might never walk. Lilac and her family now need help to get her little legs working, so that she can fulfil her dream to walk independently. An operation known as SDR could change Lilac’s life for the better, but it is not available on the NHS and 18 months of intensive rehabilitation is needed for it to be a success.

    Lilac’s family wishes to raise funds, to adapt and modify their garden to create a safe environment. It will be a space where Lilac can participate in daily, post-operative physiotherapy. The family also hopes to get a therapy dog to support Lilac through her ongoing rehabilitation.

    For every £1 that our team raises to support Lilac’s ambitious goals, the business will match it through various fundraising events, held by our staff and their families and friends. This year target is £3,000, meaning a minimum of £6,000 in total, will be raised for Lilac.

    Lilac’s Little Legs is a charity that is local to us. We believe in the power of giving back and supporting the grassroots organisations which comprise such an important part of our communities. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/claremontconsulting-lilac

    Opera Global Youth Foundation.

    We are one of the Founding Pioneers of Opera Global Youth Foundation and remain at the forefront of the foundation’s sponsorship campaigns. We are passionate about supporting young people when it comes to finding, gaining and staying in work. So far, the foundation has helped more than 71 million young people find employment. Opera works with Recruiters and asks them to lend their expertise, their knowledge and their connections to help change the path for disadvantaged youths who have had a tough start in life and need a hand in changing their futures. As Recruiters, we help to fund Opera and also work with our clients to help place young people within their organisation (for free) and provide expert advice to young people surrounding CV presentation, interview preparation and working with them through the onboarding process. We are committed to helping young people globally get the vital knowledge required to help them out of what is often a helpless situation.

    Enterprise advisors. 

    Members of our leadership team volunteer as Enterprise Advisors with the Mayor of London’s team as part of a nationwide commitment to providing experience and guidance to schools on private-sector careers and work-related learning initiatives. 


    Claremont Consulting is proud to have been awarded a Silver rating by EcoVadis for our CSR practices.