Billy Hamblin

Delivery Consultant

​I am a specialist recruiter in the field of Data Science, AI and Machine Learning - focused mainly on Stockholm positions. I have a strong global presence and I have partnered with market-leading brands in my specialist sectors. Claremont Consulting presence in Sweden has grown from strength to strength with our own entity and office in Sweden. I am part of a growing team of experienced consultants focused solely on the Swedish market, covering specialist markets such as Software Engineering, DevOps/Cloud and VR/AR.

I get to know my candidates and clients really well as I believe that is the key to great recruitment as I have a long-term vision in mind, I ensure that any positions that I am trying to fill, is sourced with a perfect match, I always look at both the professional aspirations and goals of that candidate as well as their and personal interests, to ensure they are a good cultural fit with your brand as well as the most skilled and talented/

I have a keen interest in Data Science and AI and I am fascinated by how rapidly the industries and sectors are evolving and growing. Data Science and AI are changing our world at a rapid pace and I want to be part of the movement to help source skilled talent that will help revolutionise our world. I recruit in the below areas:

• Data Science
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Big Data
• Data Engineering
• ML/ops
• Data Analytics

If you are looking for a new role and would like to have an explorative chat then please reach out to me via email, phone or my DM's on Linkedin. I would love to tell you about all the opportunities we have in the world of Data Science and AI