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    At Claremont, our wellbeing initiative has provided vital care for our staff during these unprecedented times. Poor mental health in the workplace costs employers anywhere between £74 - £99 billion a year. But sadly, the real cost, however, is the hidden number of people suffering in silence too frightened to speak out or get help. It is believed that 1 in 4 adults will suffer or have suffered from a mental health illness at some point in their lives. We wanted to help bring that statistic down by offering better support to our employees with the use of a mental health app. The app allows our employees to set up a holistic mental wellbeing program, with everything they needed for self-help.

    Since 2019 we've used the 'Everymind at work' app. All of our employees receive an account with access to self-help guides, videos, and inspirational stories and 24/7 support on how to best manage themselves. They also have the option to privately personalise their account so they will receive specially curated content to support them with their mental health. Recruiters that work in high pressure and target driven environments not only have to deal with the demands of clients, candidates and bosses but now live in a culture where we do not switch off. The 'everymind' app at work, has given us a more proactive solution tailored for each employee's specific mental health needs.

    Once you activate your account you will receive:

    • Our App: A constantly expanding library of content, giving our employees the knowledge they need to better support their mental health and colleagues around them.

    • Monitoring: Our revealing self-assessment quizzes within our Everymind scores feature allow our employees to monitor their mental health, with personalised suggestions to improve.

    • Educate: A constantly expanding library of content, giving our employees the knowledge they need to better support their mental health and colleagues around them.

    • Monthly Talks, like TED talks of mental health! Led by thought leaders and psychological experts, available free for our employees every single month.

    • Self Care: From videos of people sharing their personal experience to meditations on getting a better night sleep - we provide self-care strategies to empower our employees 24/7.

    • 24/7 Support: Telephone and SMS support, specific to mental health and accessible within a few clicks on employee's phones. It’s there day or night.

    a guide to mental health a blue book that is downloadable

    The Everymind guide to mental well being in Recruitment.


    Claremont Consulting has partnered with Everymind at Work to provide ​you with the opportunity to discover the number 1 mistake businesses make when it comes to workplace mental support.

    The webinar is ideal for anyone in HR, Management or Wellbeing, it is100% tactical and after the session, you will have a strategy you can apply right away to save you time, resources and budget.

    As a valued client we would like to offer you the opportunity to join the webinar free of charge.

    There are limited spaces so please register quickly.

    If you’re looking to improve mental health within your organisation but not sure what will truly be effective, this session is for you!

    Sign up for free TODAY!

    Thursday the 20th of May 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    To attend register here: Register Here